Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo Nd

Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo Nd

If getting back home and recovering as fully as possible is your primary goal, where you receive your rehabilitation therapy is very important. With intensive therapy, you can return home sooner. Due to this, your doctor has recommended inpatient rehabilitation hospitals, such as care in Meadows on University, as the next step in your recovery plan.

What exactly is the inpatient rehabilitation hospital, and why is it the right choice for you? Let’s take a look at this and more to get a better understanding of what an inpatient rehab stay means for you or your loved one. 

What is an inpatient rehab hospital?

Following a serious illness or injury that causes you to lose some basic everyday skills, your doctor may refer you to an inpatient rehab hospital. Before anything, your physician has to determine that you are physically and medically fit to start a comprehensive rehab program that consists of at least three hours of daily therapy, five days a week.

For those looking for a rehabilitation hospital Fargo, ND, contact Meadows on University – you can expect daily visits from our physicians, 24-hour nursing care, and different types of therapy depending on your needs. We are committed to providing you or your loved ones with compassionate care and give you the respect and dignity you deserve on your journey to recovery.

What is the difference between acute and sub-acute rehabilitation?

Acute rehab is appropriate for patients who will benefit from a multidisciplinary, intensive rehab program. Patients receive occupational, speech, and physical therapy as required and are medically managed by specially trained physicians. Acute rehab has an attending physician onsite 24/7 to manage the medial requirement of each patient’s care. In addition, patients are expected to make a meaningful medical improvement and functional gains within a reasonable time frame.

Sub-acute rehab, on the other hand, is less intensive, although a combination of occupational, speech and physical therapy may be provided. In the sub-acute setting, the hours each patient receive are usually lower – mostly, they only receive between 1-2 hours of therapy daily.

Is an inpatient rehab hospital right for me?

Inpatient rehab hospital setting is usually more suitable when you or your loved one require occupational or physical therapy or/and speech-language pathology. You may be a good candidate for an inpatient rehab program if you can’t properly function in your normal setting, and you are experiencing one or more of the following illness or injury: strokes, multiple major trauma, neurological conditions, brain injury, or any other debilitating and medical conditions.

If you are eligible for an inpatient rehab program, your care team will review your condition to determine the length of therapy sessions most suitable for you based on your goals and tolerance level.

Where would I go when I leave Meadows at University? 

When you are ready to leave our rehab facility, we will work with you to determine the next minor level of care that is most suitable for your specific needs. If you have additional questions about inpatient rehabilitation hospital Fargo, ND, or any other related question, feel free to contact us.

Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo Nd

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Rehabilitation Hospital Fargo Nd

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