Phone Addiction

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Phone Addiction

The average person checks their phone as soon as they wake up and spend a minimum of 3 hours on it every day. In other words, anything close to or exceeding three hours is indicating a possible addiction. The twitchy feeling of checking your phone every ten minutes and keep up with Instagram notifications means you are developing an unhealthy addiction to the gadget.

Is it so wrong to have a phone or computer addiction? Digital devices have a design that is meant to distract us and keep a cluttered thought process. The temporary distractions have a chilling effect on your mind because they rewire your brain and create changes that will need your conscious effort to readjust. The good news is that you can permanently rewire your brain to its original or better state when you understand different cognitive processes. Our experience is that most people realize faster results by working with a professional who has the experience and a knack to pick up on your complications to offer personalized Internet addiction treatment.

What will you get with our phone addiction treatment?

We have evidence-based treatments like cognitive behavioral therapy and nature immersion to help you disconnect from your phone addiction. All these methods will include the activities we describe below, so you can develop a more positive and fruitful connection and enhance brain activity with minimal phone use.

Personalized tech addiction treatment

Random notifications and experiences on your phone are hard to avoid, especially when you anticipate an important message. Make it a rule only to check your phone every couple of hours or so, so your brain can adjust to the idea of abandoning your phone, and you can pump up productivity in other areas of your life. Most people cannot stay away from their phones unless they have a professional intervention to lay out the details of leaving their phones behind.

We will study the context of your technology addiction, identify the triggers and create a narrative that is specific to your phone habits. An example is that some people will stare at their phones all day because they lack the motivation to get out into the world, while others use it as a distraction from a mentally draining job. We will involve you in several different activities like peer coaching and nature immersion to connect with your triggers and switch to a healthier routine.

Change your habit

Some people rationalize their frequent phone use for reasons like waiting for an important message like an interview call or a family emergency. Other times, we only check our phones to be part of social interaction and fulfill a need to be desired. Answering these questions will help you understand your psychological drive and need for social approval so that you can form healthier ways in a meaningful manner.

Our cellphone addiction treatment in Austin TX does this by involving you in discussions with people in the same boat so that you can use one another’s stories as mirrors for your habits. It is not surprising for people to come out of these situations to better understand their inner workings, powerful self-esteem, and healthy social patterns.

Verify your insurance details to begin your enrollment. You can also help a friend or an employee if they are stuck in a definite phone addiction problem.