Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Overland Park

Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Overland Park


A drug and alcohol treatment center is the bridge between addiction and sobriety. It is a place where drug users find comfort from their cravings. Here, they acquire the skills to prevent relapses and manage life without mind-altering substances. Recovery for many addicts is a life-long process, requiring therapy or counseling for a long time. Group therapies offered in 12-step programs and other support group meetings reinforce the positive habits picked up during treatment.

Should I go for an Inpatient or Outpatient Program?

The treatment modalities for the two are not dissimilar. For a user with many failed attempts at quitting, intensive drug rehab and inpatient alcohol rehab center is ideal. It affords the experts more time to work on the patient, increasing their possibility of finding long-term sobriety.

Will an inpatient program cure addiction?

While addiction is an illness, there is no prescribed cure for it. This program only attempts to manage it. Recovery, as previously highlighted, is a lifelong process. A rehab facility initiates it and equips the person with the tools needed to find, embrace and protect their newfound sobriety. Much dedication is required to avoid the path that leads back to drug use.

What are the criteria for getting accepted into an inpatient program?

Rehab centers in Kansas offer inpatient treatment to anyone with a history of uncontrolled drug use. However, a rehab center will recommend this program if an assessment suggests it as the most reasonable approach. The evaluation considers addiction history, substance abuse, co-occurring conditions such as anxiety, bipolar disorder and anxiety, pregnancy, and insurance.

Is inpatient drug addiction treatment affordable?

Inpatient treatment is expensive because of the boarding costs and the access to a large team of experts. However, these centers do accept insurance, making the treatment more accessible. Check your insurance policy to see the extent of coverage offered.

How close should my rehab be to my home?

Environment plays a huge role in initiating the drug-reward pathway of the brain. By removing a person from their familiar environment, you improve their outcomes. Most patients prefer a sobriety and recovery center far away from their home to get away from any potential triggers. A remote location with serene landscapes and fair weather will offer more support to the user and help them discover new outlooks more easily.

Can I work while undergoing treatment?

Inpatient rehab centers limit contact with the outside world by prohibiting all electronic gadgets. If you check into a luxury professional addiction treatment center, you might opt for a provision in their program that allows you to work remotely involved as a resident.

What If I relapse after treatment?

Rehab centers acknowledge that a relapse might be one of the outcomes after discharging a patient. They teach patients not to see relapse as an indicator of failure but as a chance to reevaluate and keep making changes to avoid a recurrence.

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Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Overland Park

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Inpatient Drug Addiction Treatment Overland Park

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