How Long Are You Contagious with Corona Virus?

Contracting COVID-19 can be worrying for many reasons. Apart from your own symptoms, you may be concerned about how your long you will be contagious with Corona Virus and how your infection will affect others. If you are in frequent contact with others, you may be unclear about how long you will stay contagious.


Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about COVID-19 and being contagious.

when contagious with covid

Who is at Risk for COVID?

Anybody is at risk for contracting COVID if they have been in contact with an infected person. However, for most patients, the symptoms are mild. Those at risk of developing a serious illness from COVID are those with a pre-existing condition that renders their immune system more susceptible. This includes people with obesity, diabetes, asthma, chronic lung diseases, and other immunosuppression conditions.

Who Are Antibody Tests Available To?

Apart from COVID-19 PCR tests, it is also possible to get an antibody test. COVID-19 PCR tests check for current infection. However, antibody tests check for the previous infection. They are available to anyone interested in checking if their immune system has previously had the Corona Virus. You should have antibodies after COVID if your immune system has responded appropriately to the infection.

To ensure that you get as fast a process as possible, aim for a lab that offers same-day results. Thus, booking your appointment, getting tested, and knowing your results within 24-hours becomes possible. It is also essential to look for a place that allows you to book online and on the phone.

How Long Does COVID Last?

There can be some lack of clarity about how COVID affects the body. According to the CDC report first released in July 2020, most patients were back to their normal healthy state after 14 to 21 days. Among those aged between 18 and 34 years and with no chronic illnesses, 80 percent returned to a healthy state. Twenty percent, however, did not.

Thus, there are those whose COVID symptoms last longer than three weeks. Those that experience “long COVID” or post-COVID syndrome may continue to experience symptoms for months after infection.

How Long is COVID Contagious?

You are most contagious with COVID just before and just after the symptoms of the disease appear. Trusted sources suggest that COVID is the most contagious within the first week, which is when you must take the most precaution. This is the reason why it is essential to isolate as soon as you suspect exposure. When the illness is over, you are no longer contagious with COVID, and you test negative for COVID.

Are You Contagious With COVID Before You Develop Symptoms?

Since you can be contagious with COVID during the incubation period, it is possible to infect others before you develop symptoms.

Can I Go For COVID Testing After a Positive Result?

After a positive COVID result, it is customary to quarantine and wait to heal from the infection. After the symptoms have decreased and you wait for 14 to 21 days, checking if you are negative by having another COVID test is recommended.

You can be contagious with coronavirus before and after the symptoms have developed. Therefore, the best way to know if you are contagious is to get tested and know your infection status. Contact us at (305) 741-2655 to get tested today.