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Rapid Blood Type Testing Services

Why is it Important to Know Your Blood Type?

Knowing their blood type can help somebody understand their health outlook and the potential treatments that are available to them. Getting a rapid blood type test helps people to find out their blood type and establish whether or not they’re a potential donor candidate. Giving blood can be the difference between being able to help a family member or not.

Rapid blood type testing allows individuals to receive their results almost immediately. This can be a relief in times of medical emergency and can provide them with the peace of mind that they are a suitable match for their loved one. This is just one use for a rapid blood type test and is undeniably one of the most common reasons that people in the United States order blood type testing.

Rapid blood tests can determine if a person is A, B, AB, or O and if they have negative or positive rhesus factor. With FastLabs, accessing these results is even more convenient than ever before. Our team are available all year-round to provide accurate and effective rapid blood type testing services.



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