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COVID Rapid Antigen Testing Services

An antigen COVID test can help to provide a quick result when necessary. For example, antigen COVID testing can help provide reassurance if an individual has had contact with somebody who has recently tested positive for COVID-19. This can essentially give the person taking the rapid antigen COVID test comfort that they are not infected nor spreading coronavirus through the workplace, when visiting family and friends, or when attending an event.

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What is an Antigen Test?

Many people wonder, what an antigen test is and ‘what is the difference between antigen VS antibody testing’. The main difference between these two terms is that antigens can make you sick, whereas antibodies are how your body defends itself against antigens and are often a by-product of previous infection with antigens.

Rapid antigen testing can help people know when they’re infected with COVID-19. With the knowledge of their infection, employees can then take the appropriate steps to ensure they reduce their likelihood of infecting other people. While no test is 100 percent reliable, rapid antigen COVID tests have high levels of accuracy and are one of the best ways of knowing whether or not an individual is infected with COVID.



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