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COVID Rapid Antibody Testing Services Services

A rapid COVID antibody test can help you to know which employees carry antibodies. This is usually done after a full recovery from COVID-19. A COVID rapid antibody test helps to determine whether or not somebody has developed antibodies which may provide them with a certain degree of immunity to COVID-19.

If your COVID antibody test shows that you have antibodies, it serves as a likely indicator that you’ve previously been infected with COVID-19 at some point. A rapid antibody detection test is a great means of determining which of your employees are protected against potential reinfection with COVID-19.

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The level of immunity in previously infected individuals and how long this potential immunity lasts are not yet known. However, COVID antibody testing is important for your employees as it can help them to feel more confident being back in the office. Rapid antibody prices are lower than ever thanks to the increase in popularity of the technology required to conduct these tests and the abundance of tests that are available on the market.

COVID antibody testing can also help to determine who is eligible to donate plasma. This plasma can be used to treat others who are infected with COVID-19 and potentially help them to fight the virus.




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