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Workplace Rapid Testing

We have positioned ourselves at the pinnacle of medical testing. We plan to build the future of medical testing and preventative care through a full spectrum of convenient and customized services. By analyzing the market, we’ve been able to develop services that allow us to stand above other laboratory testing services in Miami.

The MD RV is the jewel in our crown. A mobile diagnostic laboratory, StrikeForce, is a business-oriented solution that provides testing for events and employers. If you’re planning on hosting an event or if you’re the boss of a large office, StrikeForce can provide accurate and effective on-site medical diagnostic testing for a large number of people.


Workplace Rapid Testing


We’re Helping to Create Safe Workplace Environments

In addition to this industry-leading service, we also provide CleanZone. CleanZone is an entire department which we’ve dedicated to providing preventative health measures. There are a wide range of actions that should be taken to increase back to work safety and the safety of entertainment venues, conferences, and in the travel industry. With the help of our team, your venues and your guests can be as safe as possible.

Isolating any positive cases of coronavirus as soon as they’re identified is important. With the help of FastLabs, you can access multiple laboratory units as and when you need them. Our team can conduct accurate Point of Care Testing (POCT) and Diagnostic (POCD) services that help add an extra layer of security to large events and gatherings.

With best-in-class services like StrikeForce and Clean Zone, our customized solutions help you to create safe environments, whatever the occasion. The increased peace of mind that comes with knowing that attendees, employees, and everybody else is safe is something that cannot be overlooked.

FastLabs currently offers medical diagnostic testing services at multiple locations in South Florida. Go online to schedule an appointment or call 305-741-2655.


We now offer ‘At Home’ COVID testing with Telehealth / Great for Travel!



Looking to find out your health status? FastLabs has a wide list of services catered to giving you the answers you seek.

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