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Safe Environment Solutions

Safety at Work

There’s an emerging need across all industries to create safe and clean environments for employees and all other visitors. How to create a safe work environment is a question on many lips and is one that we’re able to answer. Creating a safe working environment requires advanced preventative technologies and we are the right team to implement them. Our technologies can help you to create a sense of ease at your business and help your employees feel as comfortable as possible.

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Our Services

FastLabs is Helping to Create Safer Environments at Work

No matter your industry, you are in a position to help create safer and clean environments for everyone. Implement advanced preventative technologies to help create a sense of ease at your business.


Our facial recognition technology helps to create safer environments by identifying employees who aren’t wearing a mask and also assists you with enforcing your security protocol.


Our fever monitoring and alarm system utilizes the latest in infrared temperature scanning to ensure those entering aren’t displaying a high temperature.


A sanitized area is a safe area, and our misting technology helps your environment stay clean. Another way our CleanZone program for the workplace will create safer environments.

Implement Advanced Technology

CleanZone helps create safe environments for businesses by using the latest technology to prevent the spread of COVID. The question of ‘how long does COVID live on surfaces?’ is something that your employees will ask. In a shared workspace, the risk of transmission is higher.

As such, preventative technology is important not only to help your employees stay safe but to help them feel safe. With evidence that you’re doing the most to keep them safe, your employees are likely to be able to focus on their work to the same extent that they did pre-pandemic.

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Generating New Solutions to Solve Big Problems

FastLabs’ CleanZone services help businesses to maintain a safe, secure, and trusted environment. The office should be a safe place for your employees and with our help it will be. We can assist you with the following:

  • A thermal sensor with infrared thermophile arrays that can help check your employees’ temperature and ensure that they aren’t presenting with a fever.
  • Facial recognition to ensure that your employees use their masks appropriately and follow the guidelines that you have in place.
  • Set a high safety standard at your facility that will help to keep your employees safe and minimize their risk of exposure to COVID.
  • A fever alarm notifying users of excess temperatures helps them to take appropriate action as soon as possible.
  • Traditional cleaning methods are limited in their efficacy. However, our ultra-fine mist helps to penetrate areas in a way that’s previously been impossible.
  • We can help your business prepare for an uncertain future with the absolute best in safety solutions.

With our help, your business can stay as safe as possible, and your employees will benefit from a massive reduction in risk. As an employer, you have a duty to ensure your employees are kept safe within their working environment, we can help you to accomplish this. Partnering with FastLabs helps you to keep your employees safe in the workplace and reduce disruptions to your business’s operations. FastLabs is here to guide your business through these uncertain times with our industry-leading tech solutions.

We also offer a program called StrikeForce that provides rapid testing solutions on location for businesses and event venues.



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