Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

Most individuals battling addiction also suffer from mental health issues like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. Fortunately, United Recovery Project treats both the addiction and the underlying mental health issues with innovative and proven dual diagnosis treatment programs. Our highly skilled and experienced team of behavioral therapists and mental health staff use individual and group therapy sessions and holistic treatments to help clients heal from their mental health problems.

What is dual diagnosis treatment? 

Dual diagnosis treatment refers to identifying the root cause of addiction and treating it via evidence-based therapies alongside correcting the behavioral disorders in an individual. Dual diagnosis is a common problem that most people battling substance addiction face. Their addiction disorder often stems from depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc.

Without receiving treatment for the underlying mental health issue, you may never recover fully from your addiction disorder. The dormant mental health issue can flare up at any time in the future and cause a full-blown relapse. As a leading mental health and addiction treatment center, we offer the best dual diagnosis programs nearby Hollywood, Florida.

Who needs dual diagnosis treatment?

The symptoms you may experience can vary depending upon your mental illness. However, here are a few warning signs that warn the need for dual diagnosis treatment:

  1. You choose isolation over family and friends
  2. You experience an increased or decreased appetite
  3. Low energy and motivation
  4. Difficulty in concentrating and completing tasks
  5. Poor performance at work and in personal life
  6. Experiencing irritability, mood swings, and anxiety
  7. Making excuses for alcohol or drug use

Meet with an experienced dual diagnosis therapist if you experience one or more of these symptoms. As a pioneer dual diagnosis rehab, we use an array of innovative treatments like biofeedback therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, etc., to treat dual diagnosis disorders.

Types of dual diagnosis treatments we offer

As one of the leading co-occurring disorder treatment centers in Hollywood, FL, our patients have access to some of the cutting-edge medications, best therapists and mental health experts, and unsurpassed addiction treatment and care. We address and treat dual diagnosis disorders using a combination of the following treatments and therapies:

  1. Medication – We use mood-regulating medicines like Beta Blockers and Antidepressants to help those battling depression or anxiety. Our clinicians prescribe the most advanced, safe, and side-effect-free antipsychotic medications to help clients overcome delusions and hallucinations. We address alcohol addiction with medications like Disulfiram and Acamprosate and minimize their withdrawal symptoms during recovery.
  2. Counseling – Our recovering addicts undergo regular one-on-one counseling and attend group therapy sessions. Group therapy allows them to relate with like-minded individuals struggling with co-occurring mental disorders. We help our clients learn critical coping skills during the counseling session to teach them essential stress-management and anger-management skills. Our therapists also help patients cope with their early childhood trauma and other painful memories influencing their behavior and state of mind.
  3. Alternative treatment options – We also use holistic treatments like meditation, yoga, equine therapy, etc., to promote recovery from mental health problems alongside addiction.

Call us at 954-429-5026 to verify your insurance. United Recovery Project offers highly effective dual diagnosis treatment programs and helps individuals battling addiction get sober with a customized treatment plan. 

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Programs

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