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Creating Safer Environments

No matter your industry, you are in a position to help create a safe and clean environment for everyone. Implement advanced preventative technologies to help create a sense of ease at your business.

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Mask Verification

Identify those not wearing a mask and enforce your ideal safety measures.

Temperature Screening

Using the latest in infrared temperature scanning, ensure those entering a space do not have elevated temperatures.

Hypochlorous Acid Mister

Sanitize areas and spaces to create a clean environment for all.

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Implement Advanced technology

CleanZone uses the latest innovations in preventative technology to help businesses establish safe environments. Services can be adjusted to create an automated system at desired entry points, ensuring the right data is captured and appropriate access can be granted. 

No matter your industry or reason for implementation, you are in a position to create an environment with increased safety and comfort.

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Maintaining a safe, secure, and trusted environment is easy with FastLabs’ automated CleanZone services. 

  • Thermal Sensor with Infrared Thermophile Arrays
  • Facial Recognition to Read Appropriate Mask Use
  • Set a High Safety Standard at Your Facility 
  • Fever Alarm Notifying Users of Excess Temperatures 
  • Ultra-Fine Mist Penetrating Areas Better than Traditional Methods
  • Prepare Your Business for Uncertain Times